One of our favorite wineries on the Central Coast of California is Roblar Winery.  Mark and I first discovered Roblar Winery in April 2008 when we went to the Central Coast wine country with our good friends, Doug and Alesia.  We rented a beautiful little house in Los Olivos, California with the intention of finding the best wines the region has to offer during the day and cooking fabulous meals in the evening!  In the quest for finding new, wonderful wines, Alesia booked us a wine tour with Cloud Climbers Jeep Tours.  So, one sunny California morning, we all loaded into our private, open-air Jeep and ceded control to our amazing tour guide.  We found so many great wineries that day!  We hit the Foley Winery as they were bottling their latest vintage, we were introduced to Tensley Wines (a truly amazing producer, and we wait in anticipation for their Syrah each year!), and we discovered Roblar Winery.


Roblar is not just special because of their wines, they are also special because of their philosophy.  They seek to promote the best life has to offer in food, wine, and enjoyment!  At Roblar, you not only taste great wines, you can experience a full cooking demonstration kitchen, and beautiful, scenic surroundings.  You can spend all day out there!  They even have a good gift shop; and as a person who usually deplores gifts shops, I have to admit, I got some great candles, an amazing habanero-mustard rub (that made an excellent beer-can chicken), and our friends got a cookbook with which they still make the best pizza crusts this side of Italy!


While you can get caught-up in all the trappings of Roblar Winery…sustainable agriculture, local, organic, etc., the big draw is still the wine!  In November of this year, through our membership in the Roblar Wine Club, we tasted the 2010 Roblar Winery Santa Ynez Syrah.  Delicious!  With aromas of cocoa and anise, the wine opens with flavors of raisin, black currant, and blueberries.  Those notes are followed by black pepper and sandalwood.  The wine has nice structure and smooth tannins.  We enjoyed it so much, we went ahead and ordered more for the holiday season!


So, if you ever get a chance to hit the Central Coast, make Roblar Winery a required stop on your travels!  You will personally thank me!


All the Best,


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