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Welcome to Kagan Cellars, a California boutique winery!

“My husband and I started making boutique California wines in 2008.  The very first barrel of wine we made was an anniversary gift celebrating our first year of marriage.  We named the wine Kagan, after our sloop-rigged sailboat, on which we had shared much laughter and countless glasses of wine!  That first wine-making experience taught us that wine-making is a journey…from the vineyard with Mother Nature to the bottle with family and friends.  Now, we approach wine-making much like a sailing voyage or our marriage.  We start with a vision, we seek out the best resources, we plan meticulously, and when it comes time to execute, we throw off the lines and set off for wherever the winds and water take us!  Our wines are a reflection of our journey together and we want to share it with you!

We now offer a complete portfolio of beautiful wines that are made with a strong commitment to traditional styles, but each wine tells the story of its own journey.  Now, on every wedding anniversary, Mark and I go out and select fruit from California’s finest vineyards and start on a new journey!  We hope you will join us and go out and start a journey of your own!”

All the best,

Emily and Mark

EandM Sand


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