Looking for a unique way to entertain yourself and your friends?

Host a Kagan Cellars Wine Tasting!


 At Kagan Cellars we love nothing more than spending time with people who enjoy our wine!  So, contact us to arrange a private wine tasting with Kagan Cellars Founders and Winemakers, Emily Trout and Mark Ellenberger.

We will bring our portfolio of wines to your home, office, club, or other private venue and discuss the particulars of aroma, flavor, varietal, vintage, and wine-making as we taste each wine in our portfolio.

Whether you’re interested in wine education, charitable fundraising, corporate team-building, or just a good time with friends and family, we can provide the perfect event!

Approximate price*:  $400.00 for 8 guests 

*Prices subject to change based upon available vintages and number of guests
 Contact  Emily Trout:  sales@KaganCellars.com



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