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Our Story


“My husband and I started making award winning boutique California wines in 2008.  The very first barrel of wine we made was an anniversary gift celebrating our first year of marriage.  We named the wine Kagan, after our sloop-rigged sailboat, where we shared laughter and countless glasses of wine!  That first experience taught us that wine-making is a journey…from the vineyard with mother nature to opening the bottle with family and friends. 

Now, we approach wine-making much like a sailing voyage.  We start with a vision, we seek out the best resources, we plan meticulously, and when it comes time to execute, we throw off the lines and let the wind take us!" 


The Journey

We now offer a complete portfolio of beautiful wines that are made with a strong commitment to traditional styles that allows each wine to tell it's own story.  Now, on every wedding anniversary, Mark and I go out and select fruit from California’s finest vineyards and start on a new journey! 


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"Our wines are a reflection of our journey together and we want to share it with you."

— Founders and Winemakers, Emily & Mark



Private Tastings

At Kagan Cellars we love nothing more than spending time with people who enjoy our wine!  Let us arrange a private wine tasting for you with Kagan Cellars' Founders and Winemakers, Emily Trout and Mark Ellenberger.

We will bring our portfolio of wines to your home, office, club, or other private venue and discuss the particulars of aroma, flavor, varietal, vintage, and wine-making as we taste each wine in our selection.

Whether you’re interested in wine education, charitable fundraising, corporate team-building, or just a good time with friends and family, we can provide the perfect event!

Contact  Emily Trout through sales@kagancellars.com to reserve now.


Mark & Emily

Mark Ellenberger was raised in the in the Bay Area, just south of California’s famed wine country, and Emily Trout-Ellenberger is a Houston native.  After careers in the international shipping and finance industries, they decided to change course and focus full-time on the production of luxury California wines. They now live in the Houston Heights and delight in bringing their hand-crafted wines home to share with friends, family, and their community. 2019 marks the 11th vintage of Kagan Cellars with more than 34 wines produced.