Wine Enthusiasts 2015 Kagan Syrah Review


We don't want to brag but.........this review of the 2015 Grist Vineyard Syrah by Wine Enthusiast was too good not to share. We're tickled pink (or red!) with our scores and the compliments we've received from Virgine Boone

When Mark and I began our winemaking journey in 2008, Syrah was actually the very first barrel of wine we ever made. I gave a barrel to Mark as an anniversary present after our first year of marriage. We like to think that's part of what's kept us together all these years!

We love cooking at the house for friends and family.  Nothing makes an evening more enjoyable than a glass of red wine with a perfectly seasoned grilled lamb chop or Bistecca alla Florentine. With its balance of earth and fruit, Syrah was made for food pairings. And for those of you don't like to cook it's also an amazing BYOB option for your local bbq joint!

Syrah, or Shiraz in Australia and other parts of the world, is a dark-skinned grape that originates from the South of France. The way it tastes depends on where and how it's grown. The cooler the climate (think Rhone Valley, France, or Washington State) the more dark fruit and spice it will have. Warm climate Syrah tends to be very fruity, big, with some leather or licorice notes. 

We like to make Syrah in Sonoma, a region in California known for it's cooler climate and ocean influence. That's what's behind "more savory characters" of "leather, meat, and black licorice" mentioned in our recent review. While it takes more time and care to bring out in a wine, we prefer wines that have a good backbone of acidity and earth because they pair up well with a variety of foods. 

We're incredibly pleased with the 2015 Grist Vineyards Syrah, and we're happy to share it with you. We only have 8 cases left of this lovely red, so take a look and get some before we sell out, or join one of our Wine Clubs to secure your wines before we run out!

Mark Ellenberger