2018 Harvest Update


This year, we were lucky to be able to source fruit from G3, one of Rutherford's premier Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards. We will be producing a traditional Bordeaux blend from G3 and Melrose vineyards, both owned and farmed by one of Napa's most well respected and renowned growers, Andy Beckstoffer. This proprietary red blend will showcase the best that Rutherford and Napa have to offer without the limitations of a single vineyard designate.

We've got several weeks to go as the berries haven't even reached 19 brix. Grapes generally increase 1 - 1.5 brix per week so we’re lining up to pick somewhere between the first and second week of October. However, it’s important to keep in mind that determining a harvest date isn’t simply a matter of aiming for particular sugar or acid level. 

Cab from G3 is typically built around lush, opulent fruit and rich polished tannins on the palate. To achieve these characters, we weigh the wine trinity of Forecast, Flavor and Chemistry. With an eye glued to the weather station, clusters are analyzed in our lab while tasting, tasting and tasting berries in search of those majestic sensory characteristics.

We'll be checking in with you during the harvest with reports from the vineyards and the winery.  


Mark Ellenberger